About Us

Ink Swimwear was born on the Northern Beaches of Sydney by Kelly.
After owning an online Children’s clothing store which stocked many Australian brands, I always dreamed about being able to start my own label.
Growing up by the beach, whether it was nippers or early morning surfs with my dad, swimwear is something I have always been interested in.

I decided in November 2016 to make my dream come reality, but with the birth of my 2nd son in the same month, I decided to put it on hold for a while to spend time with my family as well as adjusting to life with 2 children.

It wasn’t till February 2017 when I dreamt a man handed me a piece of paper and said here is your business, on the piece of paper were the words “Ink Swimwear” I took that as a sign to start back up and work on my label, with the support of my Husband and family in November 2017 Ink Swimwear was born.

I wanted to create swimwear you can wear whether you are lying on the beach or going for surf, swimwear that is comfortable but also makes you feel confident, with a focus on statement prints.
All of our swimwear can be purchased separately rather than as a set, this way you can purchase just a top, bottom or the full piece when needed.
Kelly x


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